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DJ R1: Here's What You Can Do With a Silver Coin That Could Change Your Life - OPINION

Silver coins are known to bring good luck and get rid of bad luck. Silver coins are even tossed in the wishing well so that a person can be granted their wishes.

There are so many rituals performed with a silver coin in African cultures such as when a family member cleans the grave yard when they're done they'll need to throw a silver coin in the graves.

Another ritual is at the funeral, just burial people are obliged to wash their hand in water with a silver coin. A silver coin is known to be for wealth because even if you dream about it, it means wealth.

If you've been having a hard time, prepare yourself a glass of water with a coin, silver coin to be precisely. Around 00:00 am take your glass and pray on it.

While praying ask for everything you want in life. When you're done praying, drink little water from the glass, wash your face and hand. Around 4am again wake up and pray.

When the water is finished, don't use the coin to buy something but bury it when no one will ever find it. Your luck will definitely change.

Things will start happening for you.


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