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Don't Open This If You Are Next To Someone, It's For You Alone

Life is full of difficulties, but in this, there are things that will make you laugh and forget your sorrows.

1. Just when I thought I'd seen everything, I went to my gal friend to a resort, and as we were going to swim, my chick pulls out a soap and scrub from her suitcase, “wow today we're bathing in cream dam honey.”

2. The time you thought you'd finished cleaning the house, only to discover your filthy clothes on the stove.

3. I tried that nonsense this morning, compatriots, I don't understand why my body is now in pain. It's only on good mama, wow, omo, and kiln detergents advertisements that kids will be spilling petroleum on their white and their mother will not speak.

4. Aunty, you're going to be creating to slay during the day and peeing in a jelly bottle at night, so 

5. Someone sold my granny a calculator as a smartphone; all I have to do now is inform the individual that damnation is real.

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