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Literature Poetry

A guy posted that three words you can write from these letters, but Tweeps gives him more than that

01 July 2022


We are not sure what was going through the mind of Chief Erikan, MBA when he posted a picture with seven letters. He captioned the post with 'English 101: three words you can write from these letters'.

Did he only want three words? Was he testing Tweeps, to see if they can write more than three words. Regardless of what he wanted, Tweeps delivered even more, people wrote their comments with lots of words.

The comment with the most words generated from the seven letters were 17 words. Some people even started complaining that Mr Erican only requested three words. Those who have written more than three words have been disqualified. We not sure how they we disqualified because the rules were unclear.

Mr Erican, next time you are giving Tweeps an English lesson, please give us more and clear instructions

Enjoy creating your own words, whether it is three or more. Enjoy it

Some Twitter comments

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