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How often should you sweep your home yard ?

There is no formula on how many times should you sweep your yard. It is important for people to practice a good hygiene always because if you don't practice a good hygiene, you will just attract health problems to yourself and your family. When trees reach every season, their leafs will fall on the ground so that new leafs can grow and that's how nature operate.

When you see too much leafs on the ground you must take your broom and start sweeping and collect those leafs to the dustbin or to a place where you can burn them without causing a discomfort smoke to your neighbours. If you have a garden where you plant your vegetables you can take those leafs and put them on the ground and leave them to decompose so that they can make the soil fertile.

Decaying leafs make a good fertilisers for vegetables and they are organic because they are not mixed with chemicals unlike fertilizers that we buy at shops. Those fertilizers from the shop contain chemicals that can end up being toxic to you or to any animal trying to consume them. So treat those leafs with respect and feed your plants.

When your home yard is clean you will be safe from reptiles like snakes, scorpions or other animals that can be harmful to humans because if there is too much dirty on the ground. It is easy for those animals to hide under that dirty and strike you when you are stading near. So when the yard is clean they will not have a place to hide and they will end up forced to move away from your yard because they will be exposed.

Clean-up and removal are vital for ensuring fresh growth. Letting old debris linger including organic matter can hinder new growth, even prevent it completely. Dethatching your lawn is the perfect example of the necessity of clearing away debris in order to allow new growth of your lawn.

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