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He Says He Built This House For His Mother With An 18-Months Salary, People Are Not Impressed

A house as big as this will cost any person a lot of money to build it, and for it to be finally complete, it will take a lot of savings from a random person. But someone just posted that he managed to build this house with an eighteen months salary, and people were not impressed. The reason for this is because his statement looks as if he is trying to show off, someone on the comments made a simple calculation base of estimation of the amount of money it will take to build this house

A house like this might cost something close to R600 000, so if this guy really managed to build this house with an eighteen months salary, it means he earns over R33 000 every. That is not a problem, actually there are people who earns more than that every month, but for most people it looked as if this guy was trying to show off

We still can't take away the fact that this is a nice and the fact that he managed to get his mother out of that small house to this house is amazing

This is how people reacted to his post


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