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She bought a gas stove in case of loadshedding and a lot of people were left with many questions.

Due to the usage of gas, the overall heat generated is less and that helps to maintain heating of the temperature in the house. Gas stoves produce moist heat and that helps in certain dishes like roasts, casseroles and other items where the juice in the food needs to remain intact. South Africa is facing so many problems with loadshedding and a lot of people end up going to bed on empty stomachs. 

A lot of people end up opting for a gas stove, which does not require electricity to function, so that in times whereby there is no electricity, their families will never go to bed on an empty stomach. A lady recently shared a beautiful picture of her gas stove which she has bought the previous year, her post on twitter caught a lot of people's attention. A lot of people were also left with many questions about the stove. 

She captioned her post: "Removing electric and putting on gas stove was one of the best decisions I made ,loadshedding or not I'm cooking. So you guys are blowing up my fone for a mere stove. I bought it last year and it was installed by my husband and please no I didn't want a dual one.", what are your thoughts on a gas stove? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below, like and don't forget to hit the share button.

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