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23 Funny Pictures And Jokes for Your Day

A man was driving along the Ughelli-Asaba express road in his car. He came upon a large bush meat hanging on a rod and decided to purchase it. He came to a halt and calculated the price;

How much is your bush meat, Madam?

Oga, it's N7000, said the woman. But why, madam, it's too expensive, how much will you sell it for? exclaimed the man.

Oga, bring 6,500, the woman said.

The man then said, "OK, go inside my boot and put it in there." The woman walked behind the car, thinking to herself, "If this man opens the boot, I'm going to drop the bush meat on the ground and go get my money." The woman immediately opened the boot and placed the bush meat on the ground before closing it without placing the bush meat inside.

When the man saw the boot was shut, he sped away without paying the woman. Who is the smarter of the two?

3. Akpos went to the store to buy eggs. Following that, he and the egg seller had a talk.

Madam, how much are your eggs? Akpos:

Egg Seller: N30 for a large egg.

N25 for little ones, N5 for cracked ones.

Ok, Madam, please assist me in cracking six large ones.

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