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Store or World bank Check out these funny Pictures And Jokes For The Day

In this week, it is a good idea to start it out with light. In the new week, happiness is a powerful tool for reducing stress. Funny Pictures are a great way to brighten up your day.

Here are some amusing photographs and jokes to help you get through the week:

2. When Akpos awoke from his nap, he discovered a letter on top of the refrigerator, which he took and read:

"It's no longer working, and I can't be here any longer; I'm leaving, and I'm not coming back until something is done about it."

Akpos drew a chilled drink from the fridge and took a sip. He said... with a surprised expression on his face...

"However, the fridge is now operational; what the hell is she talking about?"

3. A baby boy was born in a hospital laughing rather than crying, and the more the nurses slapped him, the louder he laughed. Suddenly, the doctor noticed he had something in his hands, so he pulled the baby's tiny hands apart and discovered he was holding three abortion pills.

The infant then turned to face his mother, giggled once more, and stated

"No weapon created to harm me will be successful."

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