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Dr Khehlelezi Promised To Introduce Konka In Durban

Dr Khehlelezi promises tons of fun and entertainment at an event venue owned by himself.

Dr Khehlelezi who is a well known traditional healer recently shared a video of Mzo Lifestyle which he refered to as KwaZulu Natal Konka.

'This place would be opened for business from next month as builders are still busy with the interior. This venue would be able to accomodate everyone according to their different levels. It will all depend on the thickness of your pocket. I don't want to see other people feeling left out. I decided to open this place with the aim to bring something different in Verulam and Durban.'

'People would get to experience entertainment of another level, Mzo Lifestyle would also have swimming pools and many other fun activities. People will surely love it' Stated Khehlelezi.

He mentioned that he is planning to tighten Saftey and security at his place so that people feel safe and don't worry about thugs while they're inside these premises.

'We have already organised an opening event which would be held on the 17th of December, where famous artists would be entertaining people. This will be an unforgettable event to many people. Another thing that we are trying to avoid is overcrowding, and this is why we would be inviting musicians every week.' Explained Khehlelezi

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