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Amaphupho that you must take note of.

Dreams carries messages ,which one same dream may differ from person to person depending on who you are and what you believe in.

Snake bitingwhen you dream of a snake biting you especially a black snake it means your enemies are closer and they are using which craft against you.

Not all snakes represent an enemy some are ancestors.

Dog barking/biting

it means your enemies are talking about you if the dog is barking, and once it bites in the dream the enemy wants to destroy you and your reputation.

Once your dreams involves guns you must be worried.

Gun in a dream represent witchcraft in it's highest level, if they shot you in a dream please seek help and consult.


if you dream of police know that those are your ancestors and are there to protect you, unless otherwise they are behaving in a different manner as there are good ancestors and bad one/ancestors turned against you by witches.

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