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Use salt and detergent to save your house from stubborn rats, bedbugs and cockroaches

During this course, I will teach you how to deal with any tenacity bedbugs, rats, and cockroaches may have in your house, office, or any other setting where rats are causing you problems. Please attempt to follow the steps outlined below, and please thank Ma later.

Make a salt and detergent mixture, then add any food and place it in any corner of your home or in your closet to kill any rats. Don't play about with it because it is really effective (big or small).

Salt, detergent, and kerosene are mixed together and sprayed in any nook or cranny of your room or wardrobe to eliminate any persistent cockroaches and ants. It has been tested and confirmed.

Make sure that children do not get their hands on these.

Inform your friends and family members to refrain from squandering their money on rat killer.

Please pass on this information to them as well.

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