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25 Funny Pictures And Jokes When Your Make-Up Artist Is The Daughter Of A Retired Painter

Have you been working nonstop since the start of the week and need to unwind? Don't worry, I've put up a collection of amusing jokes and images for your amusement.

Have a good time this weekend with these amusing jokes and images:

1. Ofego told Akpos, "Take this N150,000 and go to computer village and get me a good laptop with a lot of RAM." Okay, said Akpos.

After two days, Akpos had not returned, so Ofego decided to call him. He dialed Akpos to find out what was taking him so long.

'The RAM,' stated Akpos in response.

Ofego: What about the RAM? What exactly do you mean? What are your current whereabouts?

Akpos: I'm returning from Kano.

Kano, Kano, Kano, Kano, Kano, Kano, Kan

Kano: Yes, Akpos. I got the laptop in Ikeja, but I had to travel to Kano to get the larger RAM.

Ofego passed out right away.

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Akpos Ofego


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