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Memes that will lighten up your mood

Before marriage vs. After marriage North: 'If mosquitoes in South are so bad why don't you just buy bug spray?'

Mosquitoes in the South My last school memories till today I don't speak to my ex-classmate who pushed my hand

When your friend drops really deep and existential bars about memes in the middle of your conversation. What are your qualifications?

Her: Umm... actually I have H.I.V in English and a mass com in degree.


When you are already a lazy child and July winter decides to make it worse Not all goodbyes are sad. Example: 'Goodbye class'When your family says that your generation is lazy and fickle but then you remember the time you and your friends got tear gassed for fighting for free education. If you find this article entertaining, kindly share, comment what you think, like and also follow up for more funny memes. Thank you for reading this article

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English H.I.V South Umm


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