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How to save your Shack if its on Fire with No Water

By Jessica Arendse

When faced with a fire at home the first thing you think of is to douse it with water which is not necessarily the best method. Sometimes water will not extinguish the fire, or it can even make things worse. You don't want fire to go out of control.

 If no water is available, shoveling dirt or sand on the flames will extinguish it quickly. Small fires can be beat out with a broom or a shovel, or smothered with a blanket or a coat. Make one hundred percent certain that the fire is completely out. Too many wildfires happen due to not sufficiently extinguishing the fire. Make sure there is no smoke remaining.

With grease and electrical fires, you definitely should not attempt to put them out with water. If you are cooking something on a frying pan and all of a sudden the fire gets out of control, you should smother it with something, taking away its oxygen. Use the lid of a pot and not something flammable. Sprinkle baking soda or salt on the grease also helps. You can also use a fire extinguisher on a grease fire, but DO NOT use water or flour. Flour can make it worse and water does not mix with oil, hence it would only cause the fire to spread.

Do not attempt to put out electrical fires yourself. Call the fire department and get out of your home as soon as possible. It is very difficult to trace the source of these fires and it is very dangerous to extinguish them yourself.

All fires can be extinguished by cooling, smothering, starving or by interrupting the combustion process to extinguish the fire.

Always remember to contact the Fire Department or Emergency Services immediately and save your lives first. It is always wise to keep a fire extinguisher at hand in case of these unfortunate events.

Content created and supplied by: Jessica.Arendse (via Opera News )

Jessica Arendse


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