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Self-care Sunday Ideas

To be in a better or less hectic state of mind there has to be ways you can take care of yourself, not because you're not being well taken care of, but because any form of self-care makes one feel so much better than they have been feeling.

Self-care can go from cutting toxic people off your life to having a nice steamy bath drinking your wine and reading your favorite book. In this article I will be giving you a few self-care Sunday ideas that you can try out! Because no matter how small it may be, any way of showing yourself some love and appreciation goes a long way.

Sunday is the day where we prepare ourselves emotionally, mentally and physically to take on a new week with nothing but good vibes, so whatever you do, make it worth it!


This is going to sound a bit like the overworked phrases we hear from those unrealistic motivational videos we get but trust me it works. How you start your day determines how the rest of it will go. So, wake up! and make yourself your favorite breakfast, maybe ad a little bit of fruits to it and enjoy your beautiful morning.

Take a long hot bath

The steamier the better! Light your scented candle, use bath bombs or your favorite bath foam; you can even play your favorite jams and just relax your body in the tub for as long as you need. This allows your body to be at ease and you can be in a space of your choice and control everything happening there.

Get busy with your favorite hobby

It can be reading a book, listening and dancing to your all time jam! Anything that helps you get in touch with yourself is the way to go.


In some days you just don't feel like doing anything, that's another form of self-care, just sitting or taking a nap can be very goo relief.

Take pictures

Many people don't know this, but taking pictures can be therapeutic. The smiling and trying to figure out how you want your next pose to be like can be fun! Take selfies or get a friend to take pictures of you.

Plan your week

Planning or making a to-do list for the upcoming week can save you from anxiety and worrying about how events are going to unfold. Plan and write down all that you need to get done for the week and you'll be ready to take it by storm!

Life can hectic and sometimes we never get any time to pamper ourselves and remind ourselves that as much as getting things done is important, our mental health and well-being are equally important.

Here's to a productive week! Happy self-care!

Content created and supplied by: LeratoNogabe (via Opera News )


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