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Being ignorant of your calling is another thing

Like I always say when we go to the rivers, mountains, caves and forests we have to go with good intentions. Because there are lots of lost/evil spirits there.

I wasn't going to share this with you but my ancestors insisted I do. I went to the waterfall in the weekend apparently I catched a spirit there.

Carried it with me back home, on Monday I started feeling somehow but didn't pay attention to it, then Tuesday my hands and back started to ache. I didn't give a thought to it because I thought it was ndau spirit and the effects of full moon.

Yesterday I was emotional the whole day, I even shed tears at work in front of my bosses because of the mistake I did.

it was the first time they saw me crying after a mistake, but I was also laughing at the same time, I couldn't understand what was wrong with me, I have been in pain since Monday, yesterday was worse.

So I decided to contact my ancestors to ask them what's wrong with me, it was revealed that I catched a spirit at the waterfall.

Thank God I have been given the gift of determining if the spirit is good or bad. I found out that I catched a powerful water spirit that inhabit dams and rivers, I won't say which one is that, it's my secret. But I am grateful that I didn't catch a monster.

The rituals to accept it are very simple and harmless. So my body is still adjusting to carry this powerful spirit, so that is why I feel like do.

I am writing this to make you aware that if you ever go to rivers, mountains, caves and forests and after you find yourself somehow.

please don't take what you are feeling light, stand up and see if you didn't catch an evil spirits, that's why you will find people doing rituals. but they feel suicidal, emotional or aggressive, you need to find out why you feel/behave like that.

That's why I always say pray for a clean heart and mind so that you can be able to reject evil spirits.

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