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A Lady Caught Mzansi By Surprise After She Posted These Photos Of Herself

Beauty may get you through the door, but hard work keeps you in the room- a lady says on Twitter.

A lady took to her Twitter account to let everyone know how she got through in life to be successful. She decided to post her photos as proof of success, and this caught the hearts of Mzansi by surprise. These photos were posted with a caption that mentions that beauty can get you through the door, but hard work and dedication to remain in the room. On the photos, we see this beautiful lady who is posing in front of her beautiful car, but what makes her story interesting is the clothes she is wearing. She is wearing a dirty overall and a hardhat.

This proved that she works in the mine, this is something that we know most ladies don't like this type of work. The meaning of this post is to prove that through anything you can go anywhere in life. Some Twitter users makes fun of her photos, saying that she has nails and that make suspicions that there is no way that she can be working with those nails. Let's read comments below.

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