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Spiritual ritual that will give you more power to face your evil spirits

You will not discover this else where, I'm willing to impart to you the BACK TO SENDER RITUAL. 





Dry Bay leaves 

12 Needles 

If it's not too much trouble, be wary when you attempt this spell it is exceptionally hazardous. 

Assume Your Needles position them individually on your green apple.say what you need to happen to the individual by setting the needles individually until you arrive at seven. 

light the red flame place 5 excess needles expressing what you need to happen to that individual. put the flame in the two white candles. furthermore, light the center one first(red) then, at that point, light the two white. 

Take your dry narrows leaf compose the individual's name. what's more, think to you what you need to happen to them. try not to converse with anybody while playing out this custom, consume the straight leaf with the red light that has 7 needles. 

Subsequent to completing all the custom, take the red apple burrow on your back yard place the apple inside a plastic sack with any bones (chicken or meat?). wrap the plastic and cover that plastic it must be far off after that go inside the house and never think back. 

At the point when you in the house Immediately take Holy debris and Spirit. 

Scrub yourself off every one of the deeds you've done and SAY THIS, (ALL YOU'VE DONE TO ME WILL GO BACK TO YOU say their name) say it while you washing yourself. 

If it's not too much trouble, be cautious that you need to do this it is extremely risky and the data about it is exceptionally restricted

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Dry Bay Needles


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