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Truly beautiful African women. Happy heritage day to all South Africans tomorrow. Find out more

Tomorrow marks the most important day on the calendar for all South Africans. Tomorrow is the day where we showcase our culture and traditions. In fact the whole month of September is special to the people of the country.

September the 24th is heritage day in South Africa. The day of huge celebrations and pride to all who live in South Africa and abroad.

Some of the special cuisines that people will be feasting on include tripe, Mopani worms and so much more. Women will also be brewing traditional beer that will help wash down the many meals people will be stuffing themselves with.

Being an African is about celebrating who you are and also being comfortable in your own skin. Black people were made to feel inferior in the past. Many were even traded as slaves across the world.

Tomorrow we all move on from any negative feelings and embrace who we are and celebrate the day with food, drinks and wonderful music. All South Africans should use tomorrow as a day to reflect and understand what it means to truly be a South African.

Heritage should not just be a day on the calendar that comes on a particular day in a particular month. Heritage should live in your heart. Everywhere you go people should see your heritage and envy you.

Children should be taught more about their culture in schools during the Arts and Culture periods. Schools should play a big part in educating the youth about our culture and traditions.

South African children are fast becoming a lost generation. This is because they do not have an identity. Older people are busy adopting Western cultures that then causes confusion in our young people.

Many children think being an African is old fashioned and primitive. This is because when a person dresses in a traditional regalia people look at them in awe. Traditional regalia is only worn on special days or during specific events which is why the youth think they are part of a primitive culture.

Doctor Mandilakhe Mbalentle Ketelo is a medical doctor who is also proudly African. She is pictured dressed in a beautiful traditional dress in front of the cattle. We will be celebrating women like her tomorrow.

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