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In Shock: See how a funeral turned into disgrace after his friends did this in front of the family


They say we all mourn is a different way and we also have different ways to send-off our loved ones. However for this funeral every one was left on shock with what the friends of the deceased did as the coffin was about to go down. A lot of people were left asking Why don't then take care of all the expenses, buy Him a coffin and pour liquor on it and cover the whole funeral and bring the priest of ur own kingdom to send him off why this Culture has no order, procedure and protocol.

What if the deceased also did this, it's their culture. It's imperative to tell your loved ones what you do so that they don't get suprised. You live by the gun you die by the gun.

Other people felt that, that was Indirectly disrespecting the family while their are in pain.They were honestly not his friends and don't need to be there. When attending a funeral your paying the last respect, that is not respect atleast they should have considered the family and what they must be going through. 

This is foolishness at its highest form. People say" this is what he was doing" its just people who want to do their evilness, again tell me if someone was working in the garden and was not drinking and smoking what will be your excuse then. If it's a must for you to perform people's earthly duties during their send off.

If I say when I die I want this to be on my grave it will be done, no family member can allow such to happen, this is happening because the dead said they should when he or she was alive, same as when a police dies they fire gun shots, car hijacker they spin cars, if you have never leaved ekasi you will never understand, its totally looks wrong but whatever you seeing was requested by the dead. 

Black people don't respect themselves even if the deceased was a drunkard and so what, doesn't mean people must disrespect the family like that and families need to put their foot down and tell them this is not happening not here in our family. What a disgrace, Sometimes we leave amongst our enemies thinking it's our friends or families this is clearly pure happiness for them for what this family is going through.

When our people are now abandoning their Respectable cultures and traditions and trade their respectable cultures and traditions for reckless and stupid stuff like this kind of drunken behavior at funerals, then we as Africans and South Africans have become lost souls and the laughing stock of the world and worst of all, the ancestors OF THIS COUNTRY ARE NOT HAPPY WITH THE BEHAVIOUR AND ILLDISCIPLINE OF OUR PEOPLE. Our youth have no more respect, I am personally disgusted by this video.

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