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'See How To protect yourself from witches, demons and more other-worldly being with salt.

This Halloween, follow these advice to learn how to defend yourself against witches, devils, and other otherworldly entities. Take the following with a grain of salt...

Learn how to use salt to ward off ghosts, devils, witches, and other otherworldly creatures this Halloween. Take this with a grain of salt...

We've all seen it in movies (Hocus Pocus, where the Sanderson Sisters continue to be our favorite witches to this day.) and on television (Supernatural?!). To ward off demons, witches, ghosts, and spirits, as well as to consecrate and cleanse the land and water, salt is utilized. However, why do we need salt in the first place? And how did these notions originate? Most importantly, how can we utilize this knowledge to safeguard ourselves on All Hallows Eve, when the barrier between our world and the underworld is at its most tenuous...


Salt is used to purify and ward off evil spirits in a wide variety of religions and countries around the world.

Salt is used to cleanse and repel evil in Eastern religious traditions such as Buddhism and Shintoism, respectively.

According to traditional Irish medicine, those who have been "fairy-struck" in Ireland can be healed by using salt in combination with a recitation of the Lord's Prayer. For instance, if a healthy infant suddenly withers and dies, or if young females get ill without displaying symptoms, they are said to be fairy-struck; this is because they are desired in Fairy-Land as wives for some chief or prince, and therefore pine away until they die...

In Bavaria and Ukraine, salt is used to determine whether or not a kid is possessed.

Carriages embarking on a journey through the desert in ancient Egypt were forced to burn salt on hot coals to ward off bad spirits.

Salt must have the capacity to ward against evil if everyone uses it properly, correct? So, I hear you ask, how can I protect my home this Halloween from ghostly entities? What I recommend is...

Protect your home.

A salt line painted over the entire section should keep any apparitions or demonic spirits out of your home. Ensure that you cover ALL of the section's applications; do not overlook windowsills and chimneys. Additionally, it provides protection from slugs.

According to some, laying a bowl of salt next to your bed or a ring of salt around your bed might deter an apparition from choosing to emerge. A fine mist of salt seals in your own energy while keeping out unwanted ones.

Make a bottle of witch's brew.

We learnt how to build a Witch Bottle from Patti Wigington's article. Witch bottles are mostly used around Samhain (or Halloween, as many people refer to it) to protect oneself and keep bad spirits out of their homes, and she taught us how to create one. Witch Bottles have been used to deflect bad energy for a very long time! To create one, the following materials will be required:

A container with a cover is feasible.

All types of nails, screws, razor-sharp steels, and anything else with a pointy edge are permitted.

A foreboding atmosphere (Black Orchid scented flame will do)

That is your feces. Alternatively, if the prospect of peeing in a jug is very unappealing to you, a glass of white wine may be suggested.

Learn more about witch bottles and how to build them in this post.

Confidence in oneself.

You'll be happy you did if you meet any ghosts while stunting or rewarding (or on your way home from the bar, or if you went full Yvette Fielding and went in quest of one). According to ghost hunting websites, the glasslike structure of the salt redirects, refracts, and fractures the electromagnetic energy used by apparitions to disclose and move things. As a result, hurling a handful of salt neatly at an apparition should theoretically cause it to poof. Today is not the day, Casper; seek out another individual with whom to play.

If you believe you have been charmed (recurring illness, persistent weakness, and failure in all you attempt are just a few signs that someone is sending you bad energy, despite the fact that there might be a multitude of explanations for this... Perhaps you're a little nervous? Alternatively, you may require the services of an expert. Is there a salt shortage? There are a few steps you may do to assist yourself:

Placing a wooden or ceramic dish of salt beneath your bed will aid with sleep. Salt should be replaced once a week. Rather of putting the old salt in a canister on your property, place it in an open container. Additionally, keep the pests away by placing a dish of salt beneath your sofa and garlic cloves in the corners of all of your windows.


Once a day, thoroughly clean the area.

Massage the temple Chakra, the neck Chakra, the heart Chakra, the mid body Chakra, and the lower body Chakra with salt.

Flush the salt away, as mentioned in the phrase "A Component of Water Cleanses Me." At that point, you maniac, take a normal shower. You are deserving.

Alternatively, you may use one of our Natural Salt Scrubs to preserve a sense of mental well-being. Moisture makes you feel and smell nice, and it protects you from toxic energies. Reward.

I'll conclude with a few of the more intriguing realities I've encountered...

The role of salt in folklore:

If someone unintentionally spills the salt during dinner, a horrible family quarrel is almost certain to ensue. If you do drop salt, simply throw it over your left shoulder and continue. Given that your left ear is said to be the ear into which the fallen angel speaks (according to tradition), tossing salt over your left shoulder should either release insidious and empower good karma, or provide a nice giggle for Satan.

Lending salt to someone is considered bad luck since it may result in strife between the two individuals or families. Salt lending is also seen as a bad omen in some regions of northern England and Scotland, since the recipient may use it as a supernatural link to defame you.

Everyone have a wonderful Weekend!

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