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How much it can cost you to build this two-room house and the material you can need (Opinion)

How much it would actually cost you to build this two room house. However, the prizes can sometimes not be the same as the prizes in areas are not charges of the materials normally differs, but not that much.

You can build this house for you and your family, you children or even to rent it to someone in order to make money.

They say it is actually difficult to build a house, but if you have that vision, you find it more and more simpler.

Let us take a look at how the materials normally charges below.

1 200 Bricks: R9 000 (R7.50 each)

40 Cements: R2 600 (R65 each)

Mngeni sand: R2 300

Fine Sand: R2 100

15 roof sheets: R1 725 (R115 each)

18 Planks: R1 710 (R95 each)

1 Pole: R500

3 Aluminum windows: R2 700 (R900 each)

15 floor tiles: R2 175 (R145 each)

20 tile cements: R600

Other materials (e.g Nails, Brickforce, black plastic): R500

Total amount (estimated): R25 910

It would depend how much the builder you hired will charge you, but to estimate, he would charge you around R15 000 if he does everything for you.

NB: This is a house that has only TWO ROOMS. You can use the other room as a kitchen and sitting room if you divide it, while the other room can be used as a bedroom.

The 3D design that is in this article is to show how to the house could also look like if you prefer this other method.

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