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"Where Are The Pots?": People React To Newly Invented Two Sided Pots

two-sided: 20/10/2021


Some inventions are meant to make lives easier. Have you ever thought about what life could be like if you had a two-sided pot?. This means you will have less time on the stove and you will be able to multitask.

People reacted to the long wait design of a two-sided pot. Some argued that it's useless and some said it will be useful as it saves time and energy and they can cook one meal at one go.

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"This is madness, what will happen if you are cooking pap and meat. The meat will burn while the pap is not ready and you want to clean the meat side," Nelly Elly Manda commented.

" I need it, it's simple for a single man like me," Ma Ely commented.

Would you get a two-sided pot?

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Where Are The Pots


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