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Spiritual gifted person use this drink to perform her rituals

How To Identify The Witches in Your Family and Stop Them from Disturbing You by Just Using Fanta.

Do you know that among all the evil spirits in the world, witches and wizards are the smallest?

And do you also that they(witches and wizard) are the most troublesome and wicked spirits.

Even a small, witch girl can make your life miserable and unbearable. But don't worry because I have a very good news for you.

In this article, I'm going to show you a very simple spiritual direction that you can use to identify the witches and wizards in your family and stop them from harassing and destroying you.

All that you need to get is a bottle Fanta, yes, just a bottle of Fanta. I definitely know that you are surprised because I said all that you need for the spiritual direction is just a bottle of Fanta. But let me tell you that Fanta has many spiritual benefits that are unknown to many people.

But I will only talk about how to use Fanta to identify the witches and wizards in your family and stop them from worrying you. So lets start the direction;

First of all, go to any provision store or any place that they sell drinks and buy a bottle of Fanta. After that, wait till twelve o'clock midnight(12:00 am), go and look for a place where there's no grass or weed.

Open the bottle of Fanta and recite these words: "Any witch or wizard in my family whether my mother side or my father side who is harassing me.

when I put this drink (Fanta) on the ground, that witch or wizard should be revealed to me and should be stopped from harassing me".

When you finish the recital, pour away the Fanta and go back to your house but make sure you don't look back until you enter your room.

Then wait patiently and see what will happen next but don't forget to thank me later.

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