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Stop Rushing, It's Okay To Rest.

You don't have to fill every waking moment with something that furthers you towards your goal, you won't fall behind by allowing yourself to rest. Pausing your work to rest will help you forge ahead in ways you've always dreamed of. In the rest, in the time that your work is dormant, you will experience renewal, nourishment and refreshment so that when you are ready, you can continue the good that you have started.

All of creation moves and exists because of rhythms. When we, as humans, try to override the way we were made and attempt to bypass the rhythm of rest, we create a war on our spirits, minds and bodies. We weaken our senses, dull down our creativity and silence wisdom. If we want to produce our best work, if we want to make an impact in the world, we have to give ourselves the permission to rest along the way and pay attention to our humanity.

Life is not a race, it's not about speed and pulling up accomplishments as fast as possible. It's about living with purpose, taking delight in your work and the world around you, and passing on hope and faith to those you meet along the way. You will never fall behind by honoring rest, because rest will always give you the fuel you need to go further than what you thought was possible. Always remember that rest is also part of the process, it is necessary.

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