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How to return back Evil arrow to It's Sender using Ashes

Wood Ash is the powdery residue remaining after the combustion of wood, such as burning wood in a fireplace, bonfire, or an industrial power plant. It is largely composed of calcium compounds along with other non-combustible trace elements present in the wood. It has been used for many purposes throughout history.

With the use of ashes, you may return an evil arrow to its sender.

Hello there wonderful folks, I hope everything is going well with you. I'm here with another post that discusses ashes.

You should perform the following if, in your opinion, whatever is weighing you down and impeding your development in life is a poor spiritual projection into your life, or if you are unwell and believe it is a spiritual arrow.

Get some firewood ashes; the ashes are what I'm holding in the photo that goes with this blog entry.

I did not say charcoal ashes in my previous statement. As I have stated, firewood ashes As in, the ashes left over after preparing meals using fuel.

Prepare myself for the task at hand. As in, take the ashes and rub them into your palm. It's the same way you see it in the photo, for example.

At night, you should go barefoot outside.

Close your hand and use the ashes to make seven circles around your head.

Consider the scenario in which you return every evil arrow to its source in Eke, Orie, Afor, and Nkwo. If you believe it is a ghost, ill luck, or rejection that has been projected into your life, express yourself.

Open your hand and spill the ashes across both palms, then blow into the air to symbolize that you are returning the ashes to their source.

Then return to your room.

That is how you create a straightforward and effective return to sender.

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Wood Ash


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