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How to be not bothered and finally live your life

Unbothered Meaning

Unbothered simply means not experiencing any mental or physical discomfort. Not feeling or showing any worry, agitation, or annoyance.

When you are unbothered, you live for yourself, you’re happy, and you’re not easily troubled by minor inconvenience.

How To Be Unbothered And Stop Caring What People Think

In this post, we focus on how to be unbothered by people and irrelevant situations in life. Below are 13 tips to help you become unbothered and start living your life for you.

1| Speak less and listen more

As an introvert, I naturally prefer to listen as opposed to talking. But most people aren’t like that. 

Remaining quiet allows you to hear what the other person is saying and avoid miscommunication. 

Not to mention, it prevents you from discussing too much of your life with some people who really don’t need to know your business. 

This way you keep your life private and they can only speculate.

2| Start your day off right

When you start your day off right, you naturally feel more peaceful and unbothered by small issues. 

Your morning routine should include rehydrating your body and a moment for personal development. 

Notice when you’re off to a terrible start to your day, you become easily irritated and bothered. 

In fact, a peaceful morning routine depends on the quality of your sleep. So, make sure you’re in bed on time and up without hitting the snooze button.

3| Be unbothered to protect your energy

Not everyone you love and care for wants the best for you. Even some of your closest friends and family can be envious of your lifestyle and want to see you stumble and fall. 

Most negative people have nothing better to do than to gossip and criticize others. So, know the quality of your friends and when to cut people off. 

Because, before you know it, negativity will corrupt your mind. Since you’re the sum of the people you surround yourself with. 

Remember, your thoughts and feelings create your reality. So, creating a positive, fulfilling life means being surrounded by positive people. 

4| It’s not always about you

One of the worst things to do is to take criticism too seriously, especially if it is from people you don’t know, or those so call friends. 

When it’s coming from people who want the best for you, then it’s ok to consider their opinion. 

When people bully, criticize or are just mean towards you, it usually has nothing to do with you. Their criticism is coming from a place of hurt or lack. 

Because hurt people hurt other people. And when they are living with insecurities and their life sucks, or they’re just bored, then they have time to find fault with others. 

It’s also important to be kind and not respond to hate negatively. Take a moment to consider what they are going through to want to inflict their pain on you. 

So, when people try to come at you disrupting your positive energy, respectively let them know you’re not interested or just ignore them. 

5| Focus on you & mind your own business

One of the best ways to be unbothered is to focus on you and stop being concerned with how people choose to live their lives. 

Sure, it’s easy to compare or have an issue with how people are living their life. Because it’s different or because your life is not what you want it to be. 

Don’t become someone who judges other people’s life, live your truth. 

From the outside looking in, you can never know what struggles they may have endured to create the life they have.

Stay in your own lane. Don’t waste your energy on other people. Focus on you, get your mind, body, and money right! 

When you’re busy living your life, then you have no time to be bothered by others.

6| Learn to deal with issues and move pass it

Another tip to become unbothered is to let go of things that no longer serve you. 

One of my biggest problems is holding on to things for too long. Boy, can I hold a grudge! 

But it’s a learning process.

I have learned that when life happens and it will, it’s ok to feel anger, pain, and frustration but don’t hold on to it. Or ignore it either. Face it head-on because they are life lessons in every difficulty.

It’s also important to identify your emotions and why you feel the way you do. 

Talk to someone if you need to, find stress management techniques that work for you and always find your way back into alignment.

7| Lose expectation

Why do we become so irritated when people don’t live up to our expectations? 

If you expect nothing from anyone, then you won’t be disappointed. Simple. 

But when you expect people to behave and respond in a certain way, then you leave room to be dissatisfied.

We cannot control others, only how we react to things. So, when you expect someone to be there for you and they aren’t. 

Don’t be bothered by it. It’s on you.

8| Choose your battles wisely

Stop wasting energy on useless things. I hate confrontation! 

But sometimes it’s necessary in order to speak your truth. 

It is also important to be picky with what you become concerned with. 

People will always have things to say about you, negative or positive but, it’s up to you to choose what and who gets your energy. 

Just be unbothered by negativity!

And not become argumentative whenever people say negative things about you. 

Instead, focus your energy on you or more meaningful global issues.

9| Find techniques to destress when you feel irritated

Learning how to be unbothered requires having techniques to destress whenever issues arise. 

After all, we’re all humans and it’s impossible to be completely unbothered all the time. 

So, when you have effective coping techniques, it makes it easier to filter out what to give your energy to. And helps you return to a state of balance.

10| Reflect before you respond to criticism or hate

The next time you become bothered by anything, ask yourself, is it really worth my time and energy? 

Be honest about how you really feel. If you’re angry, feel the anger. Feel what you want to feel in the moment, but don’t let it consume you. 

Why do you feel the way you do? Are they triggering some unresolved emotions? 

If you feel the need to respond to negative criticisms, wait until you’re calm and never allow others to see that it upset you. 

Or that you are allowing them to control your emotions. It gives them power over you.

Having time to destress allows you to respond in a more rational, mature way. 

11| Talk to someone you respect and trust

Being unbothered takes practice, but sometimes some of the hate will get to you. And that’s ok! 

Talk to someone you trust who can give excellent advice, who is looking out for your best interest and can help you move in the right direction. 

Sometimes, it’s just a matter of getting a second opinion to see things clearly.

But be very picky with who you share your issues with, because not everyone wants to see you strive.

12| Fake it till you make it

Even if you’re bothered by a situation or people, don’t let them know. Fake it till you make it. And move confidently in your actions and decisions.

Don’t become reactive and let people think they have some power over you. Be cool in the moment, then reflect on the situation when alone.

Figure out why it got to you. Was there a truth revealed? Did they trigger unresolved emotions?

The point is to act as if you are unbothered to others while you practice how to be truly unbothered.

13| Just be you, Unbothered

Unbothered people don’t apologize for being who they are, they express themselves unapologetically. They are themselves and they don’t apologize for being that way.

We were all created differently, with our own unique personalities. So why are you trying to blend in just because someone thinks you’re weird, fat, skinny, introverted, too quiet, a geek…

No, sis!

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