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Here is an Impressive Dutch-Gable Roof House Design, Ground Plan Is Also Included

What I have learned about fashion is that there are a lot of people who actually prefer old fashioned things, hence most designers are forced to redesign certain old fashion things and add a bit of new things to make it more attractive. This is not only done in clothes, they also do it in cars. There are a lot of people who would choose to own a 1967 Ford Mustang compared to the newly designed one. Here in South Africa we have the BMW 325is, well known as "Gusheshe", this car has been around for decades, but it still drives people crazy

This list also does not exclude houses. Houses are among the things that some people prefer to be made in an old way and have some features that new houses have. The house in this article uses a Dutch-Gable roofing designs. You might have seen similar roofing designs like this in most ancient Japanese and chinese houses


It was also used in random houses back then, but the way in which it is used nowadays is more attractive. This specific house design has a lot of features that most old houses did not have, and given the type of a roof it uses, it's just perfect. The house features double concrete pillars on each side of the main veranda of the house and a small veranda on the left window of the house. It also has single pillars of the sides of the garage which brings the total number of pillars to six (only the ones we can see)

The house also has shiny window designs, almost like a mirror, it's really not easy to tell whether the windows are aluminium or steel. As for the roof, I gave a little pep talk in the beginning of the article about it. However, though we know that the structure of the roof is dutch gable, it is also worth noting that the roofing tiles are concrete

The designer of this house also gave us a bonus, and that is the ground plan of the house, but still, the measurements are not included, so if you want the full house plan, you have to talk to the designer, or create your own dimensions. From the ground plan, we can see that this house has a total of four bedrooms, one of them even has a bathroom inside. The house also has one standard bedrooms and a toilet (divided). We can also see that the house has a single garage, a kitchen, and a dining room combined with a lounge


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