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Here's Why An Incense Is Used So Much In African Cultures | OPINION

"Impepho" incense is the South African Indigenous flowering plant that is widely used for traditional purposes. Impepho is used by everyone including the healers.

The plant of this flower is dried and burnt in order to communicate with ancestors. It can also be boiled and drank if one ever feels sick. Impepho comes from the flowering family plants of helichrysum.

It can be found in a traditional pharmacies or on the street markets. Impepho is very important in most AfriAfrican cultures because it's the only way they can connect and talk to the ancestors.

Impepho brings the ancestors closer , so that we can talk to them and say our wishes. Usually, most families have the special room to burn Impepho and talk to their ancestors usually it's the round room in the yard.

It is not only used for communicating with the ancestors but to cure some illnesses such as headache by just burning and inhaling its smoke.

The incense is recognized as the natural pain killer as it's also effective if you have a toothache. It enhanes concentration, aids insomnia and fight depression.

Impepho has that " everything is Okay smell." So whenever you feeling down or sick before consulting a doctor burn that mpepho the ancestors might be angry at you.

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