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"I Think Mabye We Should Consider Going Back To These" A lady suggested

As most people are aware, not everyone has full access to electricity every day. Sometimes we experience loadshedding, which can be quite challenging, especially when you have important things to do, such as cooking. With that being said, a lady took to social media with a picture of a firewood stove.

This is what she wrote in her caption: "Guys, I think maybe we should consider going back to these." There were mixed reactions to the comments. Some thought it was a good idea, while others begged to differ.

Someone left a comment saying, "This is just heaven." You can cook and sit around as a family to bond and share stories. It's actually therapeutic. I won't mind this for my house, especially now with the loadshedding issues. Another one said, "Hard wood is scarce and expensive." See more reactions down below.

Share your thoughts on the comment section. What do you think about the lady's post and people's reactions overall? Would you consider using such a stove in your home or not?

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