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Funny Pictures And Jokes for Your Day

1.The keke I entered the day before wanted to pass a trailer.

The trailer obstructed him, and the keke man appeared.

began issuing warnings to the trailer driver


That's when I told him I didn't want to be reached, and he agreed.

my last destination

What exactly do you want to jam him with?

2.Bros,calm down,your girl can cheat on you and still love you......if you think that rubbish, then you need divine flog for a sense upgrade.

3.I'm sorry, mosquitoes... I understand that your objective is to drink blood, but is singing necessary?

4.Nigerian mosquitoes are so bothersome wallahi....that even after sucking your blood, you'll still smack yourself.....instead of dem going, they'll sing their occultic song, "Na wetin you gain."

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