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6 Survival Tips That May Save You One Day

It's a fallacy that it's safe to stand under a tree during an electrical storm. It's the second-leading cause of lightning-related deaths. Instead, if you're hit, you should grip your ankles and bow down to the ground so that the lightning can pass right through you. Knowing facts like how flames spread quicker uphill and how even a few inches of floodwater can kill you could one day save your life. 

We want everyone to stay safe and uninjured, especially in an emergency, which is why we've put up a list of essential survival guidelines for you to learn. Don't forget to look for an extra tip in the bonus section at the end.

Hold your ankles in a thunderstorm

If you're caught outside during an electric storm and don't have access to a protective shelter, join your feet and grip your ankles, tucking your head down as far as possible. This will help to shield you from lightning by allowing it to pass through your body more quickly to the ground. This is a safer alternative to standing under a tree or sitting down flat on the ground.

Run a warm soapy bath for poison ivy rashes.

A small poison ivy rash should be washed in warm soapy water as soon as possible to treat it. Short, lukewarm baths can help eliminate the unpleasant poison ivy oil that caused the burn in the first place. To aid with the itching, you can also add a cup of baking powder to the bathwater. 

However, if the rash is more serious and you have a fever, swelling, or it covers the majority of your body, you should consult a doctor.

During a flood, do not walk through water above 6 inches.

Water is a true force of nature, especially during a flood, when 6 inches of flowing water is all it takes to knock you off your feet and carry you away. Furthermore, just one foot of floodwater is powerful enough to take your car away. Even if the water doesn't appear to be excessively deep or fast, it's preferable to stay away from it or find still water to walk over.

Stay on low ground during a wild fire

Few people realize that fire goes quicker uphill than downhill because hot air rises. In fact, every 10 degrees of upward slope can quadruple its speed. As a result, if at all possible, avoid high terrain and instead rush to the lower slope on the opposite side of the hill. If you're trapped by the flames, run toward the fire and look for a gap in the flames where you can cross the fire's edge.

Learn how to wait out a dust storm

Find anything to hide behind if you find yourself in a position where a sandstorm is approaching and you can't wait it out in a car or a shelter. This could be a tree or a rock. To protect your nose and mouth, cover them with a piece of fabric (like a bandana) and wait for the storm to pass. It's preferable if you can moisten the fabric before putting it on.

Use socks to reduce the itchiness of mosquito bites

We've all experienced how unpleasant and inconvenient mosquito bites can be, especially if they become infected as a result of our scratching. One internet user discovered that wearing socks made their bites less itchy. Because the cloth is so snug against your skin, you won't need to scratch them every 2 seconds. 

What helpful hints do you have that others may not be aware of? Have you ever been in the midst of a natural disaster, such as a flood?


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