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ZIZIKAZI: I love outdoors during Wednesday

She loves the middle of the weekdays a lot more, while other people are fascinated by the weekend. Zizi is all out on a beautiful day, which is a quiet day without many activities, like the last two days of the week. It is mostly about entertainment with their favourite beverages.

The view of the sea is also an amazing feeling when looking at the beach without any hassle. It is refreshing and a meditative environment that does not cost a lot of money, unlike the other chosen lifestyles that need constant maintenance of their financial standards.


She is not worried about spending much on her lifestyle, while others are looking to get money before engaging in their lifestyle. Without money, you cannot have the type of lifestyle you wish to have simply because you don't have money in your pocket or bank account.

At her age, less individuals feel comfortable being out on a quiet day rather than in a crowded place with people who are under the influence of alcoholic beverages. People have their favourite things to do, whether they involve money or not.


While sitting on the bench, she can get some snacks and non-alcoholic drinks, which do not cost much. Also, even in winter, Durban days are mostly cool, and the current season to enjoy is all about outdoor vibes. When it comes to the beach, it will be packed if a harder lockdown is not initiated.

From the bench, which is not crowded, social distancing is simply maintained, unlike in entertainment venues, which are heavily packed and they are going in numbers because they do not know if a strict lockdown will be brought back.


From December is a time when she is going to have more time at the front beach, but it is going to be full of many individuals from around the country flocking into the city. It would be bad if she does not love crowded venues and this is a good chance to meet different people.

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