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Will "konka" replace all the clubs in Mzansi?

Finding a good spot to party can sometimes be a struggle, cause some places just don't match with your personality and your interests. A lot of people would typically choose to party somewhere where their personality and interests fits in perfectly, for example, you wouldn't expect a wealthy man to party at a tarven or a shebeen, in the ghetto right?

Konka is already one of the most popular exclusive clubs in South Africa, and it is surely growing at its fastest rate. The club is located in Pimville Soweto. The biggest question on everyone's mind right now is "will Konka become the biggest club in SA".

Honestly speaking, this club is growing so fast that there is no dount that soon "konka" might be the only place to be. It has one of the most unique vibes that most places in South Africa do not have. The club caters some of the most wealthiest people in Mzansi, it is not a place where you can and spend R200 for a couple of beers, it is the kind of place that offers bottle service, and honestly speaking that makes anyone feel special and appreciated.

This is the kind of place where you would be expected to give a big tip, so if you're struggling financially then it wouldn't be wise to go to this place for drinks with the buddies, well unless if your friends are rich and can afford to spoil you, then that could be the only exception, just do not go there.

For sure, this place will be the next big thing for those who have money, I'm sure the person who owns it probably knew exactly what the target market is, because it seems to be appealing to a certain group of individuals, and they are those who have a little more in their pockets than the normal person.

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