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Times Children Proved They Are the Most Talented Comedians

Look no further than the individual seated next to you at the dinner table for witty retorts and cunning acts of mischief. Children are born with a "innocent" outlook on life; however, when you find cereal in your toilet, are required to sign a contract before speaking with your child, or discover your computer mouse being walked about the garden, you may reconsider.

We can't get enough of this child antics, and we dare you not to laugh too hard as you look through the photos below.

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1. "In the fridge, my kid left a note for me."

2. "She needed to take care of the toilet."

3. "Anyone for soup?"

4. "He and the peanut butter and jelly have fused into one."

6. "I used to think it would be funny if I used a bar stool as a jail cell when I was a kid." It didn't go as planned for me."

7. "This is how my kid requests cartoons first thing in the morning."

8. “I am a lawyer. My son said he needed to tell me something but needed me to sign this first."

9. "My 4-year-old thinks he's a ninja and that our black appliances make him completely invisible."

10. “Every night: ’I’m not tired, I’m not tired, I’m not tired...’”


12. "When we play hide and seek, my 2-year-old is a beast."

13. "When you ask your toddler to help you with laundry and you find your pants in the toilet"


15. "My son goes for a walk with his mouse"



18. "So, my daughter is obsessed with UNO, but I haven't been able to play because I've been too preoccupied." This is what I found when I returned home today."

19. "To prank my mother, I wore fake glasses and teeth for my sixth-grade yearbook photo."

20. "The cat was asked to be fed by the toddler."

21. "I believe it is safe to say that my daughter thoroughly enjoyed her visit to the Colosseum in Rome!"

22. "At the mall, we caught my girlfriend's niece doing this."

Have your children ever astonished you with their wit? Tell us about your experiences in the comments section.

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