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Witchcraft at it again, see what someone has been spotted doing with money.

When we were still kids, we used to be warned that if an old lady asked for money for a cold drink or for any other reasons, we should go and buy whatever she desires rather than giving them the money. It appears that ancient sayings were true as there’s a trending picture of someone who was spotted doing evil ritual stuff with money.

The picture was trending last night on Twitter. In the picture there's R30 South African cash, which is bound together by a colorful tiny-rope. What made the picture interesting is that the cash is within a Squid game-like diagram.

In the picture, there's also a black crow bird which is being stabbed by a knife. Many people believe that the bird is just an icing on the cake to confirm that the ritual is done. It is Believed that rituals that include black crows or birds or chicken are often dark which means that they are creepy and often result in bad things happening to someone else.

Money rituals can re, sult in two things, A certain individual trying by all means to get more money or a certain individual trying to bewitch another person so that he or she can't be successful financially.

Judging from the picture, since the cash is bound together by a creepy-tiny rope it means that the ritual being done in the picture is aimed at bewitching another person so that he won't make it in life. 

The picture is portraying dark magic at its best and drawing of the diagrams made many people wonder if the person responsible is practicing squid games or not. See how people reacted to this picture here:

In my opinion I think that the person who was doing the ritual is evil and jealous because there's no way he is doing that for himself. The bounding of the cash and the bird sacrifice is aimed at bewitching somebody else. I think it's about time we adapt with the world and normalize transferring money instead of giving it hand to hand because people are evil out there.

What's your view about this matter? Don't forget to leave your thoughts in the comment section. 


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