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17 THINGS I learned later about HAPPINESS :

1. TRYING to be happy is the quickest way to be UNHAPPY

2. NOBODY is happy all the times and equally NOBODY is sad all the times.

3. Happiness is earned through struggles. You solve a problem then you get rewarded by being happy.

4. Nobody really knows what makes them happy until they are happy.

5. What people say is happiness is simply a change of chemicals/hormones in their body.

6. Success without satisfaction makes you unhappy.

7. Success is being able to sleep daily peacefully knowing that you have done your best!

8. Each day is an opportunity to sort out your life.

9. Happiness is demanded by people who assume that life should be more than what is.

10. Human beings are aware of their mortality which makes them stress even more.

11. There are more problems to be solved in this world than there are people willing to SOLVE THEM.

12. YOU can be happy with or without. Happiness is not in things but within you.

13. Gratitude is the quickest route to happiness.

14. Expectations are not linked to reality always result in UNHAPPINESS.

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