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"Say Goodbye To Coffins" These Organic Burial Pods Will turn Your Body Into A Tree After you Die


An organic burial pod, according to CNN, is a biodegradable burial pod in which a deceased corpse is placed; the capsule then works with nature to turn the rotting body into a tree.

Give some thought to the notion that you were not laid to rest in a coffin six feet below the surface of the ground when you passed away. The alternative was natural burial, and your corpse is currently being utilized to enhance the soil in the location where you were laid to rest. In the same way, a young tree is planted in the exact same spot, where it quickly begins to bloom and flourish.

A future like this isn't all that far off in the distance in terms of time. With the purpose of changing the way people think about, deal with, and experience death in 2011, two Italian designers produced a project called Capsula Mundi, which translates as "burial pods." Their goal was to change the way people think about, engage with, and experience death.

How it works is as follows: a body or ashes are placed inside a biodegradable plastic shell, which will ultimately decay. The shell is then buried in the ground. After being buried, the body begins to decay; the remains within supply nutrients to the surrounding soil, and a sapling planted above the body begins to take root.

Capsula Mundi is a culturally inclusive and broadly based effort that recommends an alternative approach to the way we think about mortality than what we have become accustomed to in Western society. a biodegradable egg-shaped pod, an ancient and ideal form, in which our deceased loved ones are laid to rest before being buried It is planned to utilize a small egg-shaped biodegradable urn to contain the ashes, while larger pods will be used to lay the corpses down in a foetal position.

Following that, the Capsula will be planted in the ground as if it were a seed. In addition to serving as a memorial for the departed as well as a legacy for posterity and the future of our planet, a suitable tree, chosen by the deceased during his or her lifetime, will be planted on top of the monument. As the tree grows, it will be cared for by family and friends who will monitor its progress. It is anticipated that cemeteries will undergo a transformation in the future, and that they will be turned from the cold, gloomy setting that they are currently in into vibrant forests.

This does not imply, however, that it will be simple to modify our thoughts toward the person who passed away.

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