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Are intelligent people more likely to be alone?

Are intelligent people more likely to be alone?

Originally Answered: Does high intelligence make you want to be alone?

I suspect high intelligence makes you more comfortable with being alone.

The curse and gift of high intelligence is that your brain never stops thinking.

Intelligent people can be highly social and extroverted. But even those that are are often very comfortable when left alone with just their hyperactive brains for company. They don't get bored spending hours with the ideas spinning around inside their heads.

And for many of the more introverted ones, it can be their preference.

I lived with a friend who was doing a Physics PhD at the time, called Rob.

I went off to work quite often with him sitting on a sofa, staring at a wall. 9 hours later I'd come back and he'd be sitting on the same sofa, staring at the same wall.

We were worried that he was depressed in some way, but, no, he was fine. He just liked to spend most of his time on “Planet Rob”.

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