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20 toilet memes that are awkwardly true

Toilet humour is both popular and awkward at the same time. They are highly amusing for little toddlers. Bathroom jokes, on the other hand, tend to hit a little too close to home for adults. For those of us who have used the bathroom as an excuse at work or a party, we understand how accurate this is to some extent.

If you are still in denial, we have a collection of extremely amusing bathroom memes that will undoubtedly make you giggle while simultaneously making you feel uneasy. Check out the rest of the page to discover what we have in store for you.

I went to the bathroom.

When You See Something

When You've Got

When You Have Forgotten

That Embarrassing Occasion

The Interior of the Bathroom

It's Time To Go To The Bathroom

Prior to the invention of cell phones

Keep in mind to choose your favorite potty joke and email it to everyone you know who is having a terrible day.

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You've Got


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