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'See What Your Birth Month Bird Reveals About You, December Is On Point

Are you looking for a more in-depth look at what the stars have in store for your personality?

Take a look at what your birth month bird has to say about you.


Having a Great Horned Owl as your birth bird reveals the following information:

You're not the kind to initiate fights or conflicts; you'd rather rather folks find a constructive method to solve problems. You don't like to debate, but you are willing to defend yourself, and you don't change your mind unless there is a compelling cause to do so.

Indigo Bunting, February 2nd

Having the Indigo Bunting as your birth bird reveals that you are a very generous person in every way! Whatever you have, whether it's your time, emotions, or energy, you always share it. You're open to new experiences and strive to live your life to the fullest. You strive to avoid giving negative feedback, but you are brutally honest; be careful not to overwhelm others with your candor.

3 .

Having the American Robin as your birth bird reveals the following information:

You're an outgoing individual who believes in yourself and is confident in your own skin. When things get bad, it's best to listen to your heart rather than other people's advice: When you're faced with adversity, draw on your open and giving nature to help you get through it!

4. Wilson's Warbler,

The Wilson's Warbler is your birth bird, and it reveals the following:

You're a giving person by nature, generous with your time, feelings, and emotions. There will undoubtedly be instances when you do not feel this way. Always remember that you can rely on yourself if you ever feel bashful or inadequate.


Having a Nightingale as your birth bird reveals the following information:

Your default personality trait is to attempt to be kind at all times. You are sensitive to other people's feelings and can sense their moods, which is excellent since it allows you to be very understanding. Friends and family can sense this, and they enjoy being around you because it makes them feel good.

6 – June: Dove Having a Dove as your birth bird reveals the following:

You're straightforward, honest, and upright. You don't know how to be anyone else but yourself. You don't lie to people merely to make yourself look good, and you don't strive to impress others by acting like a big shot. You're a straight shooter who isn't particularly adept at lying.

7 – July: Eagle Having the Eagle as your birth bird means you were born on July 7th.

You have a strong heart and a great mind, even if you have moments of self-doubt. You don't have to put others down in order to feel good about yourself, and you don't attempt to be someone else. If others can't handle you, it's their problem because you constantly attempt to live your truth!


You don't need to pretend to be someone or something you're not since you're at ease in your own skin. If people don't like you for who you are, you won't change to suit them because you're happy with who you are!

9 - September: Redtail Hawk Having a Redtail Hawk as your birth bird reveals the following information:

You stay faithful to your own unique heart, ignoring fads and trends. You're a straight shooter who finds it difficult to lie... People are aware of this and admire you for it. You treat everyone the same and don't alter your personality based on who you're with!


You're an elegant and lovely person, much like the bird of your birth month! Your default personality is centered on a genuine individual. You don't gossip or say one thing in front of someone and another behind their back. You're a straight shooter with a natural desire to be honest and forthright.

11. Kestral Having the Kestral as your birth bird reveals the following:

You're a true individual who doesn't behave, say, or think in a certain manner only to fit the mold. You listen to your heart and spirit and live your life for yourself and only you. Some people think you're too direct, but don't modify that aspect of your personality!!!

12. Having a Raven as your birth bird reveals the following:

You're fair, balanced, and open-minded. You don't try to control others' lives and instead let them live theirs. You don't consider yourself superior to others, and you're never arrogant! You're modest, yet you always attempt to believe in yourself!

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Indigo Bunting


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