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Check how to use Thunder Stone to attract Luck, Power, Protection, Health, Prosperity, Love in life

Thunder stone, also known as "Agradaa obuo" in Twi, is a mysterious irregular object with a powerful energy that is occasionally discovered on the ground. Some of our grandparents and parents used it for a variety of purposes in the past, and they continue to do so today. 

They do not regard it as an ordinary stone, but rather as a valuable and powerful stone from heaven or above, possibly originating in the realm of their forefathers or gods. 

This type of stone is easily distinguishable from others because it has a distinct appearance. The object could have been found in a place where lightning had struck, or it could have been found on the ground unintentionally. 

Our grandparents used to believe that these types of stones brought them good luck, but they must always be given as a gift or found on the ground because they cannot be purchased and will lose their magical properties if they are. 

This stone is said to bring protection, strength, and happiness. It aids in the maintenance of spiritual peace, serenity, contentment, and long-lasting pleasure. It protects the state of happiness in your life and family by maintaining marriage, driving away evil deeds, keeping you safe from trails, and maintaining the state of happiness in your life and family. 

How to use it is very simply.

When you get it, simply clean it and place it in your bowl to keep your drinking water inside, or drop it in your water and bathe with it whenever you want. It will also take care of the work for you. 

A different method of application. 

For spiritual protection, place it in the corners of your room. If you're a driver, you can keep it in the front of your car, and a trader or market woman can keep it in their store to ward off bad luck. Remember to share so that others can benefit as well. 

I believe that many people are aware of this stone, particularly those of us who come from such a remote location, i.e. the village, because most of us have witnessed or witnessed our mothers using it. However, the modern style has drew us away from all of these things, so we can no longer enjoy them; however, if you try your hardest to obtain some, you will be blessed. 

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