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'An Old Lady is Asking For Help' What Was She Doing All These Years Instead of Building a Good Home?


I fail to understand how did she even allowed the house to be that bad, like years back people at rural area were building their house with mud of bricks no issues at all worse she has adults who are also in her expenses. No this is just bad those adults she is living with should of done best to keep the house structure well Her children should be grown men or women by now they should be able to help their mother to build a house and the old woman also gets her monthly grant. Sometimes I feel like we want the government to coddle us while we just fold our hands and do nothing

Not that I'm being insensitive but for 79years of her life what did she dedicate her life on if thats where she has been staying all this time, like what was she doing with all this time, okay fine I understand she doesn't work but She was not born 79 and unemployed, so I think a lot of things should be questioned shame, if you are emotional about what I just said then deal with yourself

Government cannot do everything for all people, its either communities must unite and help each other, hurch leaders are not playing their role in the society, they are always waiting for tithes and monies from poor people again we all know that your home, your responsibility the lady was not born disabled

Some old ladies same age like her use some of their grant money to buy building materials, not for big house but maybe a two room, the lady is too clean to be staying in that shack snd and the matter is not the government's problem but hers, it is her duty to build herself a good home. Can we stop being lazy and build our homes and stop playing victims

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