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A 1 Litre bottle of water that costs more than 1kg of meat platter.

KONKA,KONKA!That is in everyones lips over a few weeks.KONKA has been the resturant and lounge the whole of South Africa want to chill.With it fancy setting,Luxury cars parking outside.It no wonder one of the top clients only hang out there.

It still making headlines.A man took to Social media and talk about how crazy expensive KONKA is.

Even a 1 litre bottle of water.It always shock people when they recieve the bill.So a guy on Tik Tok was complaining at how expensive water is from KONKA.And it a new thing that people are obssessed with the Resturant and Lounge.The 1 Litre bottle of water.

If you have watched the video in the link above.This guys was more insane. am pretty sure that okay you have just seen that the guy was given a bill worth. I mean I did not know drinking water was this expensive. Do you think such behavior is acceptable since they be overspending thier hard earned cash,Or they should be called into order since some of them are now even going as far as showing off how much they spent in a form of till slips.What's your take on all of this?

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