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For Laughs, Here Are 25 Funny Pictures And Jokes

Happy New Month to everyone! I've put together a collection of amusing jokes and images that will make you laugh.

Here are some amusing images and jokes for your amusement:

The images are simply used for entertainment purposes.

1. When Akpos took his computer to a technician for repair, they had this conversation.

AKPOS: I cleaned my pc, and it's no longer functional.

TECHNICIAN: What kind of cleaner did you use to clean it?

AKPOS: I used water and soap.

TECHNICIAN: Water should never be used near a computer.

AKPOS: I don't think the water shattered it; I believe the washing machine did.

At the end of the term, Akpos came home rejoicing. He asked his mum to fulfil her promise, but his mum said she has no money yet. Akpos shouted; I knew it, i shouldn't have pass.

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