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"The real calendar says we are in 2014, not 2021" - Anza left followers with mixed reactions

A Facebook page identified as Anza with facts, got people mocking the admin after he said something unbelievable. Conspiracy theories will make you go mad if you fall for them. Sometimes all you have need to do is to just listen to the person talking at the moment and never mind to go and think about it. 


As everyone knows that we are in the year 2021, the young man in the picture above Anza says we are in the year 2014. According to Anza the real calendar is seven years behind , and a year has got 13 months. He stated opinions he could not back up. When asked what is the name of the 13th month, Anza couldn't answer. 

He says in Ethiopia they are using the real calendar. This got social media filled with mixed reactions. Some people agreed with him, while others said it's a lie and that they won't be relying on his page for facts anymore. 

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