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"SMALL LAND, BIG DREAM" A Guy Becomes a laughing stock after sharing his TALL house, see pictures.

Traditionally there are no set rules to conduct people how they should build their houses in townships. People who live in the townships are free to build their houses the way they want to than the ones in the suburbs, for example in the suburbs you plan and design your house based on municipality plan, and it needs to be approved first before you can go ahead and build it. They have particular reasons why they presented that rule, I mean like you can't come up with your one-room plan to build next to big houses, no it does not work like that, they want all houses in the area to be in a certain standard.

In the townships someone will wake up with a dream of his/her house, then ask someone to draft the plan and jump on building the house, this tendency makes townships look odd hence that's why the layout of houses in the townships is not well structured. people build where ever they want to, you find an RDP four-room next to a two-story house that's why townships look like they are not organised.

I'm NOT judging here, it's just a typical lifestyle they are used too and not everyone has money to afford a nice house like others. Just like this guy who take it to social media to flex with his four-story house, he shared a picture of his house and captioned the post "When the Land is small but the Dream is Big" however the post received well by his followers and jumped to comment section and shared their views.

@90sSophie "I go just push am, fall.

@theosingw "Impossible build"

when you lay your eyes on the picture what was your first impression? you can share your thoughts with me in the comment section below, don't forget to like, share with friends, and hit the follow button.


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