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PICTURES: The owner must act swifly| people noticed multiple issues about this house

People smell danger about a house that looks beautiful and expensive. The province, Limpimpo is getting noticed for being one of the provinces that have a lot of expensive and beautiful houses. In other words, Limpompo consists of rich people.

Compliments were coming in for this house until people noticed dangerous issues about this house "Limpompo residents with passion & for expensive properties is unmatched" an influencer complimenting the house in pictures.People couldn't keep it to themselves after noticing multiple issues about this house. Some people were saying the issues of this house will be detrimental in the future "I see serious structural issues that are going to be hidden by plastering" said a Twitter who smells danger. "I saw a bend there by the garage," said another Twitter user. Some Twitter users were concerned about the foundation of this house "Not even a single safety sign on-site" said a concerned Twitter user.

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