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IN SHOCK | See what happens when you wash your lady part with hot water (Opinion)

We all want to be clean and smell good. Some people use soap to wash the bodies others who prefer just water.

We all know that your private part is a self-cleansing oven and it is important that you do not just use any cleansing that you find. Many would disagree but I have my reasons.

You need to use only warm water or cold water to wash yourself because using hot water can have lots of problems. One must not use soap because it can irritate you.

I personally prefer cold water because I have heard a myth about hot water being bad for you so I decided not to take any chances. However every one has their own beliefs and values whatever works for you should be what you go for.

Please like, share and leave a comment. Tell us what you prefer to use to wash your lady parts and why?? Tell us if you have used hot water and what were the effects.


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