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30 funny jokes and pictures for fun


Dear men don't lay down with just fighter and singlet, imagine a scenario where you have a fantasy that you are the leader of Nigeria, so that is the means by which you will wear singlet nd fighter to Aso rock?, that is the reason I generally lay down with my suit on.

Nigerian moms can be irritating envision I told my mother yesterday that I needed to go to a companion's dad burial service, and she resembled "you like satisfying individuals... How frequently have they gone to yours?

Favored are those young men without lady friends for they will partake in their pocket cash in Peace

Subsequent to sending her vehicle cash I called her, however her beau replied and told me "brother we have seen it much obliged" that thanks is the thing that will kill the kid.

On account of what young ladies have done to me on the off chance that she swindles I beat her, l cheat she discovers l beat her once more.

School banter when I upheld instruction is superior to cash, Money kindly pardon me I was a child then, at that point.

Just yesterday night around 10pm that I chose to utilize this alternate route that goes through interminable funeral home, Lagos, Two fat women ran towards me letting me know how frightened they were strolling alone so they went along with me in traveling, I let them know that "I used to be terrified that way, when I was alive" come and see HD sanctuary run, with free multi stage sprint.

Certain individuals have a stinky mouth scent that it can even make Moses to awaken and add d eleventh instructions which says "thou should brush thy mouth each day" Who splash me salivation.

I traveled a distance so long that my soul left me and enter taxi.

Igbo folks who rolled out a little improvement resemble I am Pakam Okwu Silvinus , however u can call me P.O.S.

Neediness is the point at which you utilize a container of little coke to eat 5 affair.

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